[Basel 2017] Replica Rolex launched Cherie Cellini Moonphase

Rolex in Basel 2017 can be described as pleasantly surprised, no one thought Rolex will launch a moon phase replica watches, the new Celini moon phase (Cellini Moonphase) watch, the entire month disk exposure on the dial , To show changes in monthly surplus.
The new Celini moon type watch, case diameter 39 mm, with 18ct eternal rose gold casting. In addition to the moon to the reality, the Celian moon phase watch can also be displayed by the central pointer in the dial outside the date, the central pointer for the crescent. This new watch is equipped with replica Rolex developed by the self-winding mechanical movement, the patent moon phase components to ensure that the accuracy of astronomical to 122 years. Celian moon phase watch with a brown crocodile leather strap, with 18ct eternal rose gold folding buckle, which in the Chelini series which is the first time with this buckle.
The new Celian moon phase watch with a white paint dial, dial a blue enamel moon disc, located at 6 o’clock position, showing full moon and new moon. The full moon is symbolized by a circular meteorite, and the new moon is represented by a silver ring. According to the moon lap profit and loss cycle, the moon phase in the moon disk 12 point position under the mark.

Case side seven o’clock for the moon with the adjustment button.
As with all Rolex watches, the Celian moon phase-type watch was awarded Rolex’s top astronomical platform for 2015. This unique title proves that the watch has passed a series of tests by Rolex Laboratories, and its standards are more than the traditions and levels of the watchmaking industry. Wrist watch assembled after the test to ensure that the watch wear, in the precision, power reserve, waterproof and automatic chain in all aspects, can play the top performance. After the movement into the case after the test of the Rolex top astronomical station precision timepieces, the average error of less than two seconds per day, more than the average of the Observatory certification precision time more than twice. Green seal is a symbol of the top astronomical station precision timepieces, each replica Rolex watch are attached to this seal, and with the global five-year warranty, very competitive.

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