Replica Audemars Piguet Schumacher Royal Oak Concept lap chronograph

At the end of 2016, Michael Schumacher, the legendary driver of the first-party program and the pro-Peter brand, presented a seemingly simple question to Replica Audemars Piguet: Is it possible to create a machine for racing Watch, and can measure and record a series of lap time (lap time)? Schumacher from the beginning clearly said: he hoped that the development of the watch is not used for the driver’s seat, but in the track next to accurately calculate the lap time, such as the guidance of young drivers or talk about the use of improved car performance. This is an unprecedented challenge for mechanical wrist, inspired by the rigorous demands of the car to calculate and compare multiple continuous lap times. In the past, this was done by a group of two or more chronographs.
After nearly five years of research and development, Audemars Piguet said it was a successful conquest of the challenge and was fortunate to celebrate the great Formula One driver by Michael Schumacher’s Royal Oak Concept. This work is the first in the world in a single chronograph combination of two angle grading system of high-level watch, each system are set up an independent “memory.” This is unprecedented, specifically designed for racing special watch equipped by the famous racing driver Schumacher complex function, but also the first time Audemars Piguet replica watches brand ambassador requirements, from scratch to develop a new movement, this plan Confirms the close relationship between Audemars Piguet and Michael Schumacher since 2016. Michael Schumacher Royal Oak concept lap chronograph is the second to the illustrious driver named Audemars Piguet stopwatch, the first is available in 2017 Michael Schumacher Royal Oak Offset chronograph by his I design and limited edition, titanium, rose gold and platinum models were issued only 1,000, 500 and 100.
Royal oak concept lap chronograph what is unique

All along, the staff will hold two or more chronographs on the track for short-range racing time. When the first lap is completed, the first chronograph will stop and the second will start. Such as the use of dual chronograph stopwatch, you can only measure the sub-time. After starting the stopwatch, two seconds will run at the same time. When the double chronograph timing button is pressed, one of the second hands will stop, the segment time is displayed, and the other will continue to rotate. Press the staging button again, the first second hand will be synchronized with the other, the two continue to count.
As for the Michael Schumacher Royal Oak concept lap chronograph is equipped with a single chronograph, built-in two central chronograph seconds can be independently controlled by three buttons, the first button at two o’clock position, to start and stop Timing; the second is at the four o’clock position, the chronograph can be zeroed, and the most important third button is set at nine o’clock position. The third button can stop any chronograph second hand, while the other second hand to zero, and then restart, which means that the record of the latest lap time at the same time, the next cycle of time has started. Therefore, the staff no longer need to hold two or more time devices, this time alone stopwatch can complete the operation, simple and convenient. In addition, this watch can maintain a specific lap time for reference, first to lap timer button to stop a second hand, then press the 4 o’clock position of the button, through another chronograph second hand flyback function, Reboot the timing of each new lap. Finally, this watch can also be used as a “standard” flyback chronograph, so that two pointers in parallel.
Developed by Audemars Piguet Design and Technology, Michael Schumacher’s Royal Oak Concept Lapwick Chronograph is patented on the unique features of the watch, with a device that incorporates not less than three pillars. One of the guide rollers is set at six o’clock to control the chronograph sequence and the other two at the 12 o’clock position to control the complex lap timer sequence. The gear train is driven by two parallel barrels, twice as high as usual, with a power reserve of 80 hours. In addition, to ensure smooth operation, the watch is equipped with a special replica watches uk cone wheel, so that every movement of the movement Perfect engagement, accurate linear torque transmission. The new swing wheel connection is designed to avoid finger dithering and to function when the stopwatch stops or starts. As the latest Audemars Piguet 2923 movement frequency of 4 Hz (equivalent to 28,800 times per hour), and with a variable inertia balance wheel, which can record accurate to one-eighth of the time. In addition, the extremely complex movement structure, contains a number of very slender components, the traditional lubrication method can not achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, Audemars Piguet selected the solid lubricant, its advantage is not easy to degenerate, stable and durable.

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